T his collection was born to withstand the test of time, to eternalise your beauty. Created for women, uniquely beautiful who impress by their personal character and style. The pieces in the Eternity collection contain polished glass inspired by ancient Bohemian techniques. It was there where glass began to be produced for multiple uses.

These pieces are made from the purest high quality glass, giving your beauty moments of eternity through its light reflecting qualities on your skin. The fragility and beauty of the female neck hold the secret to her charm. We distinguish ourselves by the art of showing garments with class and distinction never sacrificing sensuality. Seduction is like a subtle perfume, unmistakably leaving a trace to be noted by those near.

Near the end of the XVII century Bohemia abandoned their unique style to follow the trend of the coloured Venetian glass. The discretely coloured Eternity pieces can be worn on special evenings, weddings (including your own). You will stand apart by femininity and sensuality. The crystals add elegance whereas the chains are an expression of the strength you carry within.

With this Eternity collection Alessandra de Dominicis intends for you to feel independent, discreet yet daring, a woman who firmly holds the reins to her own life.

We want you to be spectacular and divine, a woman ever in good taste is not afraid to dare.