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The website hereafter referred to as “the website” makes use of cookies in order to gather information related to the use of the website, to facilitate personal browsing on the website and to recognise you from other users. This will enhance your personal browsing experience and will allow us to better identify and resolve issues which may arise.

The following cookie policy is to inform you, the user, in a precise and clear manner of the cookies we use on this website.


A cookie is a file which is downloaded to your computer, phone or other device used with the aim to allow a website amongst other things, to collect and store information about browsing behaviour of its users or his/her computer device. Depending on the information they contain and the way you use your device can be used to recognise the user and/or his/her device.


This website uses the following type of cookies:

Session cookies or transient cookie

This type of cookie is placed to ensure the website is dealing with a human user and not automated programs. This cookie is designed to combat spam and once the browser is closed does not retain user information.

Third party analytical cookies

This website uses the audience measurement system “Google analytics”, a web analysis tool which allows us to understand how our users interact on the website. These third part analytical cookies allow us to count the number of users on the website and use this information to create statistics on how visitors use these services. We collect this information in order to improve our service and the products we offer.

The cookies we use identify only anonymous users and their computer/ device and will not provide the user’s personal data. Through these cookies we collect information solely to better our service and the browsing experience of our users.

If you would like in depth information on the cookies we use and when they expire please follow this link: 


By browsing and continuing on our website you are agreeing to our cookies policy outlined above.

By accessing our website for the first time you will see a window informing you of our use of cookies and where to go to consult our cookies cookie policy. By continuing browsing our website you are automatically agreeing to our cookie policy and they will download to your computer or device. In the event you do not agree to our cookie policy they will not download. .

To these effects it is assumed that consent has been given by continuing to browse after having been informed of the use of cookies on this website:

  • The user has used the scrollbar when the information about the use of cookies was visible on the screen.
  • The user clicked on any link on the webpage.

Immobilize and block cookies

We inform you that in order to keep using our website it is not necessary to install cookies. You can immobilize or block the cookies by going to the configuration on your device which allows you to block all or some cookies. The majority of computers have cookie warnings and options to refuse them automatically. In the event you refuse our cookies you can still browse the website however some services may be limited ultimately affecting your browsing experience.

Withdrawal of consent

In the event you would like to withdraw your consent related to our cookie policy you will need to delete the cookies stored on your computer/device. This can be done by adjusting the settings and configurations of your web browser.

For more information on deleting, immobilizing or blocking cookies please visit:

Changing settings and settings on cookies.

Internet Explorer




Changes in the cookies policy

It is possible changes will be made to the cookies policy; therefore it is advisable to revisit the cookie policy every time you visit this website so that you may be sufficiently informed on how and why we use cookies.


If you have any queries or comments on our cookie policy please contact us on: