Colección Eternity - Alessandra de Dominicis



Following century old traditions from Bohemia where they first started using polished glass, this collection with its light reflecting qualities which beautifully mix with the tones of your skin give you an air of eternity.

These jewels, elaborated with Swarovski crystals give you a delicate, sophisticated and incredibly seductive beauty.

This collection is intended for those special occasions, romantic evenings or even party nights. They adapt to any elegant garment. Exclusively for women who in good taste, dare.



These jewels capture the feminine enigma of women. Pieces created out of a passion, not just for making you more beautiful, but to leave an unforgettable impression.

This collection combines the highest quality leather with silver bathed metal pieces. Designed for the woman who doesn’t follow the rules, who breaks with tradition and taboos.

Enigma keeps you company in your day to day whether in your free time or at the office. These daring pieces mix leather and femininity and are well suited to compliment informal dress.

Colección Enigma - Alessandra De Dominicis

De Dominicis

Born and raised in Italy, she has given the last 15 years of her life to jewelry design. Accustomed to the beauty and perfection of the forms, she creates jewels to carry bits of dreams to each woman.

Alessandra de Dominicis | Alta Bisutería